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South Jersey Boudoir Photography

Allison McCafferty offers South Jersey boudoir photos. Her style is very classy and clean and her laid back personality makes sessions fun and comfortable. As a boudoir photographer in South Jersey she is in a convenient location both close to the Jersey Shore as well is Philadelphia. She shoots in her home studio in Shamong or at a local Bed & Breakfast or hotel suite in Philadelphia or Atlantic City.

Boudoir Photography South Jersey

Her boudoir packages include professional hair and makeup on location, extensive studio time and no limit on the number of outfit changes. On average clients bring 3-4 looks for the shoot.

If you are looking for a South Jersey boudoir photographer, please reach out by phone or email. I would love to discuss what you are looking for and custom design a shoot. In addition to boudoir, I offer glamour photography if you are in need of model head shots or would like a beautiful portrait of yourself to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or special occasion.

All sessions are private and confidential. No images are posted online nor shared with other clients unless written permission is given. All images in my boudoir gallery have signed a model release. Often clients are so thrilled with how gorgeous their photos are, they are excited to share them!

© 2022 Allison McCafferty Photography, LLC; 34 Manitoba Trail, Shamong NJ 08088 | 609-440-4148 | All Rights Reserved | South Jersey Wedding Photographer | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer | Shamong Wedding Photographer | NJ Wedding Photographer | South Jersey Boudoir Photographer | NJ Boudoir Photographer | South Jersey Headshot Photographer | NJ Headshot Photographer Allison offers beautiful, romantic, and unique wedding photography services to clients in South Jersey and Philadelphia. Her main goal is to document your wedding in a non-intrusive way to sincerely capture the emotion of the day in every frame. As a South Jersey wedding photographer, Allison offers her clients a unique engagement session in the majority of her collections which allows couples to build confidence in front of the camera before their wedding day. She is a sought-after boudoir photographer and one of the best South Jersey family photographers in the area. Take some time to look through her portfolio galleries and get to know her work. You will see why she is one of the best photographers in South Jersey.