The birth of a child is one of life’s most amazing experiences.  Whether you are becoming a mother for the first time, or all over again, it is a moment that changes everything forever.  Birth photography captures the beauty of birth and helps tell your story.

Why hire a birth photographer?  You will be able to look back and see the loving support given to you by your partner, the moment your baby enters the world and takes her first breath, the look on your face as you see them for the very first time.  First cuddles, first breastfeeds, measurements and the looks on your family members faces as they meet your new little one.

I approach birth in a photojournalistic way, telling the story through images without being intrusive in the process.  I am careful to capture tasteful and beautiful images and take great care to be respectful of your laboring environment.  Birth is a raw and intimate event and I treat it with great respect and honor.

Would you like to talk about whether or not birth photography is right for you?  Give me a call at 609-440-4148 or email me at  We can sit down and talk about the process and get to know each other.  I am a South Jersey birth photographer and also travel to Central Jersey as well as Philadelphia areas.



What is birth photography?

Birth photography is a way to document the story of your labor, birth and first precious bonding moments with your new baby.

Why do I need a birth photographer?  Can’t my husband or partner take pictures?

Parents often assume the role of photographer at their child’s birth.  Without the proper experience, the images are often over or under exposed, blurry, grainy and shot at less than flattering angles.  Most importantly, everyone present at your both already has a very vital roll – your partner will need to support you and will want to be included in the photographic memories of the birth journey.

Do you interact at all or mainly stay quiet?

I tend to stay quiet, but I am open to interaction.  I love talking birth and I am so honored you have asked me to be a part of your private experience, but I will be as involved or uninvolved as you want.

When should I book my birth photographer?

I limit the number of births I accept to ensure availability.  It is best to book early during your second trimester although it is never too late to contact me and inquire about availability.

What areas do you cover?

I am located in Burlington County NJ.  I cover most of South & Central New Jersey as well as Philadelphia areas.

Do you need to get approval from the hospital to photograph my birth?

It’s up to you to retain that approval.  Either from your birth center, midwife, OB, hospital or anyone else involved in your birth.  This must be done before we sign contracts and you pay your deposit.

I’m considering hiring you as a birth photographer, what steps are involved?

If you are considering hiring me, you should first inquire to confirm my availability.  Once you’ve contacted me to express your interest, I will hold your spot on my calendar for 7 days.  If you want to secure my services a $300 deposit is required.  This can be paid via credit card or check.  After your session is secured  I will send you a link to my digital contract to review and sign.

As you approach your 36th week, we’ll meet up for coffee or tea to discuss all of the details and answer any remaining questions you may have.  Homebirth consults are done in your home so we can walk through rooms and discuss light and space.  The remainder of your session fee is due by your 36th week of pregnancy.  I am on call two weeks prior to your due date and two weeks after.

Do you use flash during birth?

No.  I shoot with natural and available light.  Flash is harsh, interfering and disruptive to both the laboring Mom and her medical team as well as the newborn.

I am concerned about “private shots” I don’t want a lot of graphic pictures!

Do not worry!  During our prenatal meeting we will discuss what you would like photographed and what you do not.  Some women want everything and others do not.  Your comfort is my top priority, so I will photograph as much or as little as you desire.

What if I decide I don’t want you in the labor room with us for a period of time?

I try to be sensitive to these circumstances and if I sense you need some time alone, I may ask you if you would like me to step out.  You are certainly welcome to take a breather and get some alone time whenever you need to regroup.  Just let me know.

Are pictures in color or black/white?

Birth photography is typically in black and white.  I find it portrays a more emotionally true experience and minimizes distracting elements such as blood, shiny medical equipment, etc.  It softens the image and allows the central focus to be on the new family.  I do include some color photos at my discretion.

Do I get all of my digital images?

Yes.  Birth stories are all-inclusive which means that it includes a USB of the high-resolution digital images.  You will receive a print release allowing you to print your own.  Professional prints and albums can also be ordered through me.

When should we call you?

You should call when it feels right to you.  This is usually when you are in active labor confirmed by your doula, midwife or doctor.  Keep in mind, however that documenting your entire journey is important so it’s better to err on the side of caution and call early rather than late.  The further a Mom is in her labor, the more she will want to rest, lay in darkness and labor uninterrupted so photography becomes difficult.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

I am on call for you 24/7.  Do not hesitate to let me know when labor has begun, even if it is in the middle of the night.  I need ample notice so it is imperative that you not be concerned with the time of day.  Text updates as you progress are encouraged.

What if my birth is really really long?

Birth is unpredictable.  I’m in it for the long haul!  I may take breaks if the situation warrants it., but once I start documenting a birth journey, I continue until the baby arrives!  I do not have time constraints or hourly fees.

How long do you stay after the birth?

I will stay up to 2 hours after your birth in order to capture weight, measurement, footprints, breastfeeding, meeting extended family and those quiet peaceful moments following birth.

What if  you miss the birth?

If I have been given ample notice, this problem should not arise.  Should any circumstance arise that is neither the fault of the client or myself (automobile accident, extremely fast labor, emergency medical situation for either party) your money will be applied towards a future session of your choosing.  If by my fault only, I miss your birth (i.e. you are unable to reach me at all) you are entitled to a full fund, no questions asked.

What if I have an emergency c-section?

Emergencies happen from time to time.  If we can get last minute permission to allow my presence in the operating room I will be there.  If not, your money will be applied towards a First Glimpse session.

Are my photographs going to be posted on the internet?

Only discrete images are shared, with permission, on my business Facebook page and blog.  Beautiful birth images are often what inspire new clients to contact me so I encourage all clients to share what they are comfortable with so others can be equally inspired by your journey!






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Allison works with other South Jersey birth photographers as well as Philadelphia birth photographers whom have created a network of trusted industry professionals.  If I am booked for your estimated due date, I can refer to you another birth photographer in the area.

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