Professional Headshots South Jersey

I have known Lisa for a while now.  She’s a busy Mom, school counselor and basketball coach for a local elementary school.  She was recently inducted into her college’s Hall of Fame for basketball and she was in need of a headshot for her plaque.  With the help of my fabulous hair and makeup artist, Meghan, we were able to capture some beautiful head shots for Lisa.

headshots south jersey
Lisa is so gorgeous! Just look at her blond hair and hazel eyes!
professoinal headshots south jersey
This is one of my favorites from Lisa’s set. It’s both casual and contemporary for a headshot while still looking professional. Not all head shots need to be stuffy.
south jersey headshot photographers
This was one of Lisa’s husband’s favorites. Can you blame him? His wife is gorgeous!
Professional headshots south jersey
I think the cream background is a great compliment to Lisa’s skin tone and hair color. This one is for her basketball hall of fame plaque!
Allison is a professional headshot photographer in South Jersey.  She works both on location at local South Jersey and Philadelphia businesses or in her Shamong NJ studio.

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